Creating the relationships that result in technological leaps forward

Since launching, Wright Technical Services has become a stalwart in engineering and IT recruitment, fostering symbiotic relationships between promising candidates and pioneering companies. Rooted initially in engineering, our spectrum has broadened to embrace the vibrant IT sector. Our industry-agnostic approach ensures we don't just fill vacancies but foster long-term connections that drive industry advancement on a global scale.

At the core of our operations is the proprietary "Wright Process," an approach designed and created to revolutionize and streamline engineering and IT recruitment. We facilitate the convergence of exceptional talent and great companies, evaluating candidates on various fronts, including technical expertise, cultural compatibility, and career aspirations. Our focus extends beyond professional milestones, understanding that sometimes a career move is a step towards fulfilling personal goals. As we navigate every complex industrial landscape, our primary goal remains the same—to be a value-added partner, strengthening our clients' foundations with adept IT support, enhancing the depth and breadth of their existing structures.

As we forge ahead, our vision is to bridge gaps and foster innovation in various sectors, including aerospace, defense, and healthcare manufacturing.

Meet the WTS Team

Our close-knit team operates from our headquarters in the vibrant Cleveland suburb of Mayfield Heights, Ohio, ready to assist clients and candidates in fostering rewarding partnerships across the country and around the world.

Josh Healan

President & Owner

Michele Zeitz

Vice President IT Recruitment

Haley Coppes

Market Director

Evan Mounts

Market Director

Aidan Jantz

Talent Consultant

Matthew Blevens

Talent Consultant

Connor Shelton

Talent Associate