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Wright team at Harvest for Hunger

Wright Charities was formed in order to place a greater focus on Wright’s value of giving back to the communities we serve. We are fortunate that every one of our team members believes in giving back. Our leaders look for this quality during the interview process. It is very important that the people we choose to hire at Wright share similar values to those already established by our company.

We utilize Wright Charities as the community facing brand for our volunteer efforts and also future fundraising. To date the majority of our charitable activities have revolved around volunteering our time to the Cleveland Food Bank. As we’ve gotten more involved in the Cleveland Food Bank the team at Wright has developed a strong passion for helping to provide for the people in our communities who are Food Insecure.

For most of us we think of those who are Food Insecure as people living in poverty, often due to their own actions. That is not the case at all. Our involvement with the Cleveland Food Bank has opened our eyes to the fact that many who are Food Insecure are children living in poverty, the elderly in our communities, and military veterans. The reality is that in northeast Ohio alone there are thousands of families who are Food Insecure by no fault of their own. It’s those individuals who need our help the most.

Our intent is to continue our involvement in the Cleveland Food Bank but also to expand into other communities and organizations that parallel the work we are already doing. We now have employees outside of Cleveland. Having a team member in Indianapolis for example tells me we also need to find ways to give back in her local community.

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Wright Charities
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